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How to fake a good night’s sleep

No matter how dedicated you are to getting your shut-eye, sometimes a less-than-stellar night's sleep is inevitable, but here are a few easy ways to feel full of energy anyway.

Mild winter = more allergies?

Mild winter temperatures can lead to longer, tougher allergy seasons.

Checking in on your resolutions

Time to check in on those resolutions you made that sounded so good at the beginning of the year.

Sinus infection? Skip antibiotics

Cheryl Castro tells us about a study that finds that antibiotics usually aren't needed for a routine sinus infection.

Love does physically hurt

Can people who lose a spouse or loved one die of a broken heart? Recent studies say it's possible.

V-Day and a healthy heart

A look at why chocolate and wine are good for the heart.

Atypical heart attack signs

Susan Hendricks tells us that women usually experience different heart attack symptoms than men.

Forgiveness keeps you healthy?

Susan Hendricks reports on the reason forgiveness helps your health.

Living with COPD

Susan Hendricks talks about the symptoms and treatments for COPD.

Knee pain common in 50s

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports on the prevalence and treatment of knee pain in women.