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Payments Accepted

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Product Requests

Customers have the option to make requests for some items that we do not have in stock yet or items that are out of stock. They may also request certain brands, styles, or items based on description. Tell us what you are looking for and we will do our best to fulfill our customer's requests.

For requests, we do require that customers pay a minimum Php 200.00 request fee for requested item(s). This is to ensure the customer is committed to getting the item(s) since we will be special ordering the item(s) for our customers. For requests of 3 items or more, the request fee is Php 100.00 per item. We allow 24 hrs. to deposit the request fee since supplies of some items are limited and it is necessary to get the items quickly once they are requested.

After the request fee is paid the customer has 2 months layaway to complete the full payment of the item(s). If a customer changes their mind about requested item(s), they forfeit the request fee and payments. We offer expedited shipping for a minimal price and you can get your merchandise within 2 weeks!

Please provide a detailed description of what you are wanting with as much information as possible so we can better serve you. The following guide will help you describe what you are wanting:


  1. Brand Names
  2. Type of Clothing (Blouse, Jeans, Dress, etc)
  3. Style of Clothing (Formal, Casual, Party, etc)
  4. Details (Collared, Fringed, Laced, etc)
  5. Colors, Patterns, or Textures
  6. Sizes or Dimensions
  7. Quantity


  1. Brand Names
  2. Type of Product (Lotion, Perfume, Cosmetics, etc)
  3. Fragrance (Flowery, Cherry Blossom, Sweet Pea, etc)
  4. Details (Glossy, Moisturizing, Microbeads, etc)
  5. Colors, Patterns, or Textures
  6. Sizes (8, 16, 24 fl. oz.)
  7. Quantity

Simply email us the item you want to request for and we'll definitely find you stylish apparel that best meets your budget and your looks. We will provide the latest/fashion-forward outfit that you will definitely not find at the store near you.

We offer a wide selection of great clothing, gift items and beauty products from name brand USA companies to the Philippines at great prices. All our products are original, authentic name brands. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.

Some of our favorite brand names include: